General Terms and Conditions of Service

Solar Thermal

The Solar Thermal annual inspection covers a quick check of the system pressure, a check for leaks, controller settings, quality of the anti-freeze levels (what temperature the system is protected down to, -20 degrees is advisable) and any obvious issues with the electrical installation.

The Solar Thermal full service covers full drain down of the system, a check for leaks, complete replacement of the antifreeze fluid (we use a pre-mix which guarantees protection to -25 degrees), pre-charge pressure check of the expansion vessel and re-pressurising the system to the correct level, controller settings and checks for any obvious issues with the electrical installation. Pricing (on the pricing page ) covers labour only, and the antifreeze used is charged per half container used - approximately £10/litre)

In all cases, the service offered does not cover remedial works unless they are minor and easy to affect on the spot. Typical problems which may require a separate visit to deal with include: leaks on fittings which are non-standard or manufacturer specific, problems with the roof installation which require access equipment, or complete replacement of failed parts. We carry 2 types of spare pumps and expansion vessels to cover most eventualities of the most common failures on the spot.

We cannot be held responsible for poor installation or design by the original installers. Generally "quick fixes" should be avoided as they often lead to more trouble.

Solar PV

The Solar PV safety inspection covers a check of the insulation resistance of the cabling and tightness of the terminals in the various components in the system - these are probably the most likely cause of a potential fire in a PV system. We also check that the cabling and switchgear has been appropriately selected for both voltage and current duty - another significant risk and unfortunately often overlooked by original installers. Finally we check the quality of the earthing system, correct protective device selection and appropriate levels of return fault current so that we can be sure the protective devices will work correctly

The Solar PV performance and safety check covers all of the above but also includes a "string test" using a specialist tester which gives a graphic output of the quality of the panels in the form of a graph. The smoothness and gradient of the plotted curve gives a good indicator as to the types of problems you might be experiencing with the system. We include standard charges on our pricing page, but occasionally access issues may require additional costs where a standard ladder is not adequate to get to the panels.

We cannot be held responsible for poor installation or design by the original installer.

Heat pumps

The Heat pump annual inspection covers a check of the following:

Any items listed in the service instructions supplied with the manual relevant to the make and model of your heat pump. Additionally we will make a note of any potential issues with the central heating system, clean the evaporator fins with compressed air / mild detergent if required on air source heat pumps, check ground loop pressure and quality of the antifreeze in the loops, plus what level of protection is in the loops (ie to what temperature the glycol will protect to). Standard procedure for this is -5 degrees for air source or -10 degrees for ground source heat pumps.

Please note that where the facility is available we will make a note of pressures in the refrigerator gas circuit, but not all heat pumps record this pressure on a gauge. We will preform a sniffer test to detect any possible leaks inside the heat pump itself, but any leaks detected will need a separate visit from an F-Gas engineer. It is very unusual to find leaks on the day of inspection - generally if there is a serious leak it will have become apparent long before the service, generating fault codes and shutting the heat pump down. Very occasionally the gas sniffer can raise false alarms on leaks - we cannot be held responsible for the costs associated for this. F-Gas leaks are a serious issue and must be dealt with - far better to be safe than sorry

We cannot be held responsible for poor installation or design by the original installer.

Payment terms

Payment terms for domestic customers are due immediately on receipt of invoice which will be sent by email. Commercial customers invoices are due by 14 days after receipt of invoice unless other arrangements are made by prior agreement in writing. Payments by Bank transfer / BACs or cheque - though electronic payments are preferred.

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