PV Battery Storage

PV Storage has long been though of as too costly for the average homeowner, unless being installed in an off-grid property where the cost could be justified...

Slowly this situation has been changing and now self storage and utilisation has become a realistic proposition... please get in contact using our contact form to send us an email if you would like to consider adding a battery system to your existing PV set up. There are a lot of different options available and we can help you decide what size and style systems might be best for you. IIt is now possible that you can store and use electricity at a price which is cheaper than grid electricity - however it might not be right for everyone.

Here are some of the things you need to think about - and if you are speaking to other companies that are not talkng you through these issues then you need to be wondering why!

  • Is the location for the batteries safe - for both the batteries and the building?

  • Is the battery chemistry acceptable for the location and long term performance?

  • Will the temperature be cool enough in summer but warm enough in winter?

  • Will the lifecycle of the battery match the kind of use it will get in your circumstances?

  • How deeply can you discharge the batteries without impacting on the lifespan?

  • Will the batteries provide backup in the event of a grid failure, or just self consumption support?

  • Will AC or DC charging be more suitable for you?

  • Do you need to notify the DNO to operate the equipment?

  • Will the earthing system for your building be maintained in the event of grid failure and then the battery bank providing the power?


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