Safety and Performance testing


Smaller arrays tend to be less of a problem but still need to be kept in good condition. Whilst PV systems are designed with safety in mind, voltages are often in excess of 650 Volts, and the equipment is often kept in rooms which may be accessible by children, guests or vulnerable people. The  biggest risk with solar is from fire caused by poor wiring installation, or the use of inadequately rated switchgear. Mostly this can be checked very easily without needing to get on the roof.

We can offer one off safety checks, or regular maintenance as you wish. Our recommendation is that you check the array around 5 years after it was installed and after that take the recommendation from the inspector about how frequently it is done in the future - but probably around every 3 years or so after that would be wise.

Tests performed include continuity of earth path, insulation resistance, check for correct selection of protective devices, functional checks of switchgear, and ensure shutdown procedures and warning labelling are in place.


Keeping your array performing at maximum output and in good condition is important, especially if your site is accessible by the public or you have employees working in the area where the installation is located. 

We can help you with the following:

  • Annual or ad hoc inspections of the PV array

  • One off repairs and maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance and parts testing

  • EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports)*

  • PV Optimisation and reports

  • Data logging and fault warnings response

* There is a legal requirement to have EICRs at appropriate intervals if there is no programme of planned maintenance in place. For a PV system this would probably be considered to be after 5 years or so as a maximum, where the installation is on a public building or where there are employees operating, and then more frequently after that.

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