We keep a keen eye on other local service providers, and we are confident we offer a top notch service at a very fair price - typically 10-20% less than bigger companies who are sometimes using subcontractors and marking up their services. Check out our google reviews!

Solar  PV

PV safety and performance tests:

Safety tests include report suitable for insurance purposes to proove continued safe operation and a record showing maintenance is being carried out - this is a requirement of most building insurance policies, even for domestic systems... WE WON'T TRY AND TIE YOU INTO ANY ANNUAL CONTRACTS. In most cases an inspection every 5 years is perfectly adequate.

Domestic safety test: < 10kW                             £200

include panel performance test and report    add £50 (only carried out in summer months)

<50kW safety test                                              £300

include panel performance test and report    add £75

Commercial: POA

For combined servicing with solar thermal or heat pumps see below

Inverter replacements: Domestic systems

Cheaper inverters often need changes made to the installation to make them safe - such as moving or changing some components at the fuse board. Because of this it is often a false economy. Good inverters can often be installed more quickly with less remedial work, and offer better value for money by far. Price range covers systems from 1.5kW to 4kW and will include a safety test of the panel wiring before replacement.

  • Cheap inverters: from £600 - £1000. Inverter, labour and sundry materials included

  • High quality inverters from £800 - £1500. Inverter, labour and sundry materials included

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal servicing:

Domestic £275 including glycol - Includes short report

Parts requiring replacement extra, marked up at 20%. Common parts are carried on the van, such as pumps and expansion vessels

Commercial : POA

Heat pump servicing


Domestic air source or ground source heat pump annual service check £175

Commercial: POA

Combined Solar hot water, PV and heat pump servicing


We are happy to combine servicing costs on two or more technologies where the work can be done on the same day. 

Two technologies: £350

All three technologies: £400

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