Let us help you understand your PV solar system performance better - and also generate automatic fault report emails too. We can provide maintenance response to fault reports on either a one off or contracted basis...

Basic monitoring:

This is done by simply counting the number of kWHs (units of electricity) are produced by your system. However the best systems are quite sophisticated and allow you to view your data in very well presented webpages... You can compare this with weather data, European modelling data and previous annual performance in a handy dashboard. It also allows you to view more than one system if you own multiple arrays. Most importantly you get fault emails whenever a system stops working.

Domestic (single phase) prices start from £300 one off cost for installation with equipment included, with an ongoing data dost of about £20 a year.. You can alternatively go for a more comprehensive system which allows you and your allotted representatives to view much more specific information on problems that have occured. This brings the benefit that you can occasionally avoid a callout and the associated cost. More expensive systems do not have an ongoing data cost, they just need an internet connection,

Commercial (3 phase) prices start from around £500 one off installation with yearly data costs, and increase with scale. However they are a very worthwhile addition to any system. Inverters, especially cheap ones, will be at the point where failure becomes a more serious issue as each year passes. Under the FiT scheme it is possible you may not find out  any serious faults for 5 months if you are only viewing your production figures quarterly, so installing monitoring is very worthwhile.


There are 3rd party manufacturers which offer all the benefits of the basic set up but also offer more detailed fault reporting, and can communicate directly with the inverter for diagnostic info. Generally these will need an internet connection, or a GPRS modem if there is no internet available.

Top level

Inverter manufacturers usually provide their own system for monitoring which has superior reporting and diagnostic information. SMA and SolarEdge can give information on performance at either string or panel level depending on what equipment you have installed - very worthwhile for larger installations with multiple inverters - along with all the other functionality seen in the lower tiers. However they may not necessarily include weather data unless you pay for additional sensors.

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