Heat pump maintenance

Heat pumps, when installed correctly, are by far the greenest source of energy we can use to heat buildings. Although they use electricity to run, when you look at the impact on the environment versus any other form of heating, they will perform better in both carbon impact and low pollution terms - and that includes burning wood in log or pellet boilers, or wood burners.

However, it's a sad fact that many heat pump systems have been designed badly and can lead to problems with performance. Regular checks can highlight problems and reduce running costs, sometimes by very significant amounts, by taking note of past performance and changing control settings.

Some typical issues which cause problems for the owner include:

  • Heat pump set up incorrectly at commissioning

  • Poor explanation of how the system works by the original installer

  • Missing documentation

  • No proper records kept of past performance

  • Incorrectly set up heating controls

Checking the system over is a relatively quick process, but can reap many rewards on such installations.

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