Solar panel cleaning services

Solar panels get dirty over time - for many installations the rain will keep the dirt at bay for a significant period, but where panels are at a shallower angle or in particularly dusty environments it can become a problem much more quickly.

Cleaning panels can often improve performance by up to 20% on really dirty systems, so it makes sense to do it annually, or even more regularly in areas where dust, dirt and pollen are more of a problem.

Panels are cleaned using a water fed pole system, with de-ionised water. This leads to a streak-free finish, with no need for additives - so there is no impact on the environment. Some additives can potentially damage the rubber seals on the panel frame, so it's better to keep it simple where you can.

If you believe your system needs cleaning and you would like to enquire about costs then please use the buttons to generate an email...

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